Everybody Dies But Not Everybody Lives...
Let It Go ✨

Let It Go ✨

I’m so jealous of people who eat so much but stay so thin… Is it like I’m not trying my hardest when I work out or something? :/ I just don’t get it….

  • With UCI coming along, I just feel so stressed πŸ˜’

Got nothing else better to do? Well fuck you too…


When you get that right feeling ☺😘

Why am I so stressed over prom…….

Prom. Asking. When. 😒

When is my boyfriend gonna ask me to prom πŸ˜’ not to be like stubborn or anything… But everyone else is being asked and it’s just so cute… And I’m here…. Just anticipating…. πŸ˜”

Kabuki 😯 ❀❀❀

Kabuki 😯 ❀❀❀